Birthed inside a Prada bag and with full hair and makeup, Magestik was destined for gayness! While twirling for coins to help pay for her addiction to couture, Magestik met the Rubi Girls. Lured into their fold by the promise of a never-ending closet and an endless supply of jewels, Magestik has been dancing her way across Ohio in hopes of one day finding the elusive Daddy Warbucks. The way she sees it, if that little redheaded orphan can do it, so can she. Though she won’t admit to it, sources close to her claim that her affiliation with the rubies is one of mutual convenience, as Magestik is convinced that the group must possess one of the largest rubies in the entire world; worth enough to pay for all the Couture she could ever want. Magestik is played by Matthew Swisher, a makeup artists and representative for brands such as Estée Lauder and IT Cosmetics. You can find Matthew at your local Ulta or Sephora locations. 

Porno Pink

Five pairs of tights that break my feet by the end of the night.

The Victoria Secret fashion show.

Blonde because blondes get more attention.

Vodka because, like me, it’s very versatile.

Be prepared, because just when you think the Rubi girls won’t go there… we do!

Does a Unicorn count? Because they are magical and majestic – see what I did there?

Magestik: making all dreams come true… even the dirty ones!