The headlines in the early 60’s were everywhere, there had been a hooker in the White House, sent to take care of the entire Kennedy Administration. Not much came of the evidence; however, 9 months later, Connie Sintell of Reston, Virginia gave birth to little Dana… father unknown. Connie was called as a witness in a trial against Washington insiders in 1964. Before appearing she was run off the road outside of Bethesda, and killed suspiciously. Her 2-year-old survived and was sent to a boarding school in Arlington, where she later took over the drama department at age 6 and never looked back. To this day, her anger toward the men who took her mother (and really, all men) endures. She is also known as Joshua Stucky – an owner of Square One Salon & Spa.

Cheez-Its and 1000 island dressing.

Mother Pucker

The Sydney Opera House

Red. Nothing says ‘hot time in the old town’ like red.

Coors Light on ice.

A lioness… protecting the cubs.

Vote Dana… let’s really fuck things up!