In the late 60’s, outside of a textile mill in Hells Kitchen, a bundle was found in an alley with a note that read, ‘Take care of her…I’m off to India for the summer.’ No claims were made of the abandoned baby, but she grew up with a commanding beauty and a skill for clothing and hot glue. Finding the stage in the 1980’s as her refuge, ‘India Summer’ played some big theaters and made some big tips… and not all legitimate. Her career is storied and checkered. Seeking the love of many has long been her plight, and her drive. She also is know as Brent Johnson – an owner of Square One Salon.

Dairy Queen chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate.

Red Rum… “murder” backwards!

Heels… like they are torture… TORTURE!

Carnegie Hall… solo, please.

Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island.

Platinum blonde. It looks good… makes me feel good too!

Vodka on the rocks… just vodka, no silly mixers please.

Expect to laugh… especially at things that aren’t meant to be funny.

A raccoon because I like shiny things and don’t mind eating out of a trash can when I’m in drag.

Vote India… where it’s Summer all year round!