Minnie Skirt was found serving sugared funnel cakes at a WNBA All-Stars game in Myrtle Beach, SC in early 2003. Always known to start a good dance-fight, the Skirt’s ballet abilities made her a principal dancer at EPT (En Pointe Technical) and later a lead choreographer for the world-renowned Rubi Girls. Minnie also goes by Alex Everett and can be found slingin’ hair at Square One Salon!

“Eggplant Explosion”

The lido deck of Liza’s yacht.

The illegitimate love child of Cher and Ryan Reynolds.

Red; that way the carpet matches the drapes.

A cosmo; Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City” swears by them.

Hunker down, grab a bottle, and pray for daylight.

A giraffe reaching for the top leaf… I’m a big bitch.

Vote for Minnie Skirt, she keeps her morals low and her skirt high!