Tara Misu is a simple girl who loves bikini tops and short skirts. Tara enjoys lifting cocktails to her face and in her off time she volunteers at the local liberty. Tara is not known for her charm or intellect, but mostly for her amazing cleavage. Scott Winters is proud to have created this character, he has performed with the Rubi Girls since 2006. I truly believe that we can all make a difference, let’s find the cure for HIV, together anything is possible.

Meat pizza, with a close second being chocolate ice cream.

PlayGirl Plum

China… not the country, the wrestler.

Darker hair, since I’m a natural blonde in real life.

Vodka… just some vodka.

Look at my tits… not at my face.

Who made up these questions? I am not an animal… I am a sexy beast.

A vote for TARA is a vote for LOVE, together we can do anything.