Radeema Coupon was discovered while using the last of her food stamps in line at Dot’s Market. She was buying litter box liner to make her now famous “Ivanka Trump Met Gala dress.” A sexy, modern day Robin Hood, Radeema can be found stealing jewelry from David’s Bridal for her fellow charity queens in need of beads. She enjoys stiff cocktails, strong men, and cheap outfits. Radeema Coupon is played by Nathan Cornett who works at RachelBakes & co.

The blue box Kraft Mac N Cheese, Hominy, and ‘pigs in a blanket.’

Dana’s wigs, India’s dresses, Minnie’s shoes, and Jackie’s undergarments.

A seedy bar that still smells like musty cigarettes.

Any hair color that is available to borrow from someone else… but usually dark brown.

Vodka soda with lime… basic bitch.

Take shots or smoke weed before you arrive… it’ll make more sense when you see us.

I’d say a baby horse just learning to walk. My ambition takes over when I pack for shows and I end up walking around in heels too high that I can barely stand up in.

Vote Radeema Coupon, she’s cheap and thrifty!