RubiNewsday Q2 2023


Q2 2023

Taj Mahal

The 8th wonder of the world

Taj Mahal

They say in life, if you want to be a part of something…show up! No Rubi Girl has been more eager in that way than Taj Mahal. “I just want to dress as a woman and have some fun while we help people.” Mahal quips! Taj, like many a Rubi, has been around-the-block. Once a pageant queen, then a cast member in local bars, then a dresser for others…and finally a soft landing with where she likely always belonged…with her Rubi Family. Mahal brings whatever Is necessary to the group. Her fast humor, quick ideas and love of drag never cease. She can literally give you all of it…glamour, comedy, depth, choreography…and she is a staple at U B Rubi Events Helping other discover the excitement in being a Queen. “Mahal is strong…she will let you Know exactly how she feels…at times we need that!” says Dana Sintell. “When you see Taj on ‘The Year in Review’ at TSMGO…that shit comes right off the top of her head. She is a comic genius!” Mahal can please a crowd…so many folks see her and instantly talk about her “8 Miles Wide” number, not to mention the corn cob bit! Literally, she is the 8th Wonder! Bravo Ms. Mahal!

Upcoming Events

April 30 – Tender Mercy

May 13 – Argos

May 21 – Sorg, Middletown

June 2 – Pride, Dayton

June 24 – Bay City, MI

July 13-17 –  Saugatuck

Rubi Girl Summer! Here We Come! As usual, the Girls are busy adding more and more events to their summer schedule. Always check our events on We never have any idea what’s next, until someone asks! HA HA!
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ONU’s RubiAffair ‘Bears’ Smiles!

One Tradition that has held on through the years, is Rubi’s yearly pilgrimage to Ohio Northern. There, the Girls host a ‘RubiAffair’ competition for students to Drag it Out! This year, the GIRLS again had a blast and newcomer Carol Chitterpants was introduced.

We found an old ‘ONU’ entry on YouTube… take a look:

A ‘RubiAffair’ has had many iterations, but the school loves the mayhem and madness that the show brings. In today’s climate the Polar Bears continue to give a warm awesome!

The GIRLS wow the JCC with High Hair and Hilarity!

From Shirley Bassey to Dolly Parton, the Rubi Girls brought their A-game to the Dayton JCC again this year. The crowd was in for a treat as Taj, Jackie, Dana and India (Carol. Too), gave a high-spirited, high haired show. The audience was enthralled with the variety presented by this group as glamour met mess in the set they performed. The event, which Rubi has been part of for nearly a decade, supports the Jewish Community Center and has some high stakes gambling going on throughout the night. The silent auction was a real thrill for a couple of the girls who walked away with theater tickets, a tire change and dog wash package! PERFECT for those wigs ladies!

Final U B Rubi?

Coming into the U B Rubi event this April, the general feeling was ‘this is it!’ The event, which has become a huge success, has also been a bit of a challenge for Rubi with scheduling, availability and time! BUT THEN…the 4/2 group and the energy they presented, once again, left the GIRLS refreshed and thrilled with the outcome!

A celebratory drink at Toxic (https:// capped the perfect day! Hmmmm… Maybe one more time???

Event at the Top of the Market

We were so fortunate to be asked to be the entertainment for a recent event at the Top of the Market. The event celebrated a big birthday for a dear friend, supporter and colleague of the Rubi Girls. The beneficiary of that event was the RubiScholarship which was so generous and so kind of the planners! On top of that, we gained new friends and followers through the soiree, the show was big fun and we cannot thank all who donated to our mission and the scholarship.

Interested in having Rubi elevate your big event??? Let’s have some fun….and help others!

The Rubi Girls Scholarship - A huge Success!

Just over 4 years ago, a few of the Rubi Girls thought how impactful a scholarship could be for the LGBTQ youth in the area. Little did they know that it would find legs, and build so rapidly! The scholarship, now in perpetuity, has been one of the most successful ideas in Rubi History. The process, which was a trial and error for sure, found its footing at the Dayton Foundation, and from there has exploded. This year, 36 applicants have submitted their desires on the DF portal. The GIRLS intend to provide more scholarships in the future as this legacy piece is solid!


We cannot thank Mitosis enough. This year, Rubi is the beneficiary of their charitable contribution to help a non-profit step up their game!! And they are killing it. A photo shoot, like a professional one, was help last weekend featuring the GIRLS! It was pure magic! Chauffeurs, food/drink, real cameras…OMG. Can’t wait to share the pics! Onto of that, Mitosis will kick off our new website in JUNE! We are awed…and so, so, so grateful! Special thanks to Shon Curtis Photography!


The RN rarely gets too political. However, imagine if you will our community minus about $2.75 million. That’s where drag bans get you in our society. Charitable people doing the work to help others. If you want an effective ban look elsewhere…the Rubi Girls have work to do…finding ways to help others!

Has anyone seen the queen?

Daily, we are asked about Tara! She just finished a run with WGI where she is a living icon! BUT she’s back! YAY!!